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Azure DevOps app registration

This article describes the Azure DevOps app registration procedure, which is required for Integration Hub on-premises connection to Azure DevOps. 

1. Go to the website:


2. Provide the information as required. 

Company information: 

Application information:

  • Application name (Integration Hub)
  • Application website (https://IIS_host_domain_name
    {IIS_host_domain_name} should be replaced with own host name
  • Authorization callback URL (https://{IIS_host_domain_name}/ConnectionProviders/TFS/AcceptAccessToken 
    {IIS_host_domain_name} should be replaced with own host name

3. Choose the Authorized scopes: 

  • Build (read and execute)
  • Work items (read and write)
  • Project and team (read and write)

4. Scroll down and click 'Create application'. 

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