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  • SharePoint 2010/2013 farm with Project Server 2010/2013
    Note: SP1 for Project Server 2010/2013 must be installed
  • If you have a farm with NLB, Kerberos is required
  • Farm Admin privileges are required for software installation
  • In case of multi-server SharePoint farm you need to run the installer on the server with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application service started (typically front end)

Installing FluentPro Lookup Manager

  1. You need to log to the SharePoint 2010 / Project Server 2010 Farm or SharePoint 2013 / Project Server 2013 Farm with farm administrator credentials. Make sure that you have write permissions to folder with installer files.
  2. Run FluentPro.LookupManager.Installer.exe and click Next. 
  3. Installer will perform Farm readiness / permissions test.
  4. When test is done, click Next and select “Install” option. The installer will check if the product is installed, and if not, will offer selection of PWA where the product can be installed and click on Next. 
  5. Select one or several PWA addresses where you plan to install PDP Manager.
    Please note, every PWA requires separate license. 
  6. Installer will check required permissions for installation on the selected PWA. If all permissions are OK, click Next. 
  7. Read EULA (End-User License Agreement) and if you are agreed with listed terms, select “I Agree” to continue. Click Next. 
  8. Installation will start. 
  9. After successful installation screen will be displayed:

  10. If you experienced any issues during installation, please check the log file (it is located in same folder where the EXE file is located).
  11. Lookup Manager is successfully installed.

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